Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Last Page of Chapter 15

Well, I can't say I have no regrets of the past year. But life is a lesson. Every new day is a fresh page to be filled with inks. Well, my last day of Year 15 in life is pretty good. No scolding from any teacher. Laughing like a maniac as usual at some stupid joke that no one thought was funny. Cleaning someone's car because they (cuz I'm not involved in any throwing) threw flour at Ezza and each others. And fled when the majlis perbandaran van made their rounds and we just looks so darn suspicious with Shaz having her worst tummy ache yet by the street.

Now I'm debating how to spend my last hour of being 15.
Should I stay up till midnight, listening non-stop to Death Cab For Cutie and other entertaining sound or just slept through the hours?
I was never a late night-ers so it really depends if I accidentally fall asleep, or not.

Being the introvert I am, I wasn't really expecting anyone wishing me on the midnight. Cuz usually, those thing only happens when a) you have a boyfriend or b) you're starring in a romantic or chick flick film. And I'm not in any of those categories.

But I would love to have my last hours of Year 15 reminiscing about the ol' good time and listening to my mp3, where each song would reminds me of a specific memory.

It's funny how a song can remind you of something totally unrelated to it. I guess that's just the magic relationship of music and human mind.

And I just LOVE that magic :)

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