Friday, December 4, 2009


Tak, ini bukan pasal lagu Black or White dari Michael Jackson. Tak ada kena mengena langsung. Tapi pasal gambar (ya, gambar, kalau tak minat sila skip paragraph bawah terus.) Saya tak tahu kenapa saya ni kurang reti ambil gambar hitam putih. Kalau ambil mesti sama ada 1) Hampeh 2) Tak menjadi langsung atau 3) Cukup setakat tak memalukan diri. Soalan saya ialah, macam mana nak ambil gambar hitam putih yang bagus? Rasanya Cik Emma boleh bantu saya?

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I think those who likes to pops into this this humble blog of mine probably had seen the video where Pixie Lott sang Mama Do in acoustic live lounge. I love the fact that she's beautiful, georgeous, talented, have a reaaallly good voice and can dance. And the fact that the video is in black and white and she looks perfect in it. (Yeah, I am a little bit obsessed with black and white picture). Oh Pixie, dear Pixie, why do you have to be so georgeous and talented? Even my boyfriend is in love with you. LOL. Anyway, here's Pixie Lott belting King's of Leon's Use Somebody and rocking it in her own way as usual. Turn up the volume people!


emma songall said...

2:47 & 3:05
oh God!
i wish i could shot her into my frame.
drop dead gorgeous.
the idea in BW is really great.

Nej Jalidar said...

yeahhh, i totally wish to shoot her too! she really is a superb person.