Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who'd Of Known

The reason my mother don't buy me books often is because I buy in bulks.

Proof : Bought 6 books in a single trip today and it's only in the first 1 hour there. Mom usher me to the cashier before I start to take each book from the rack.

If anyone saw a slightly dazed looking girl in electric blue cardigan, grey shoulder bag and studded gladiator-like shoes tittering around from rack to rack while holding too many books at the MPH book carnival, that's me. I get high around books.

p/s : Yeah I know the picture have no connection whatsoever to this entry.


Anonymous said...

Hey nej!. You beli buku apa? I pun ada pegi and almost 3 hours berdiri kat tempat yg sama sebab cari mag teenvouge+harpersbazaar luar negara pny edition. tapi geram ah sebab yang latest punya takde hoh

Nej Jalidar said...

oh i beli twenties girl, urban odyssey - KL stories, it girl, lions in winter, vanishing act and always in the kitchen at parties. hehe.

btw you siapa eh?