Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I miss flying. I mean boarding the plane and fly, not literally flying.
Anyway, so that Hayley's and B.o.B.'s song is stuck in my head for several days now. Hayley's voice are kinda addictive, no?

Just finished reading Train Man (Densha Otoku) that I've borrowed from my English lit. teacher (freaking awesome and cute. Those who wants to read about the internet age love story without the gooey stuff should read this.) Now am continuing on To Kill A Mockingbird (also borrowed from teacher). I thought of finding Catcher In The Rye this hols but my budget doesn't seem to cooperate. Ha-ha (sigh).

Ada gambar baru tapi malas nak masukkan dalam pc and edit semua. Nanti nanti lah.

postscript : 3 papers to go and then I'm done. Looking forward for the hols! :)

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