Sunday, June 20, 2010


Welcome back to reality. School 5 days a week, SPM lurking like an ugly giant monster. Whatev.

Can you guys STOP reminding me of those things? I already feel like strangling someone or something and let me warn you, the nearest thing to me right now is my cat. Nobody likes strangled cat, so shut up.

Now, ranting stuff ;
Why is it so hard to find Fuji Instax Wide film? The guy who sell it for RM62 per 2 pack (cheapest deal that I could get) wants to do COD which is at his studio in PJ. Me? Going to PJ? Just to buy 2 pack of film? Yeah sure, I don't mind but Umi doesn't think the idea is appealing.
(Which is another reason why I should get my license as quickly as possible - but she just doesn't see it that way.)

Welcome back to school, doesn't this just sucks?

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ieda said...

salam. i nak tanya la.. ktne u beli polaroid tuh? and how much? tengah cari polaroid yg murah and menarik. can u help me with it? :)