Friday, July 9, 2010

Ceci est tellement drôle

So I laughed. Seriously laughed.

Anyway last night I had this dream but I'm not gonna tell you (yeah I don't make much sense to myself too). Anyway it kinda makes me wonder a lot of things. Actually, almost everytime after a conversation about the person involved, I'd get that kind of dream. Which is weird. I mean, does it means something? Or is it just the side effect on my psychology? Do I need pills? Or a shrink? Or I should just go ahead and (kinda like) plunging into the deep end without the lifebelt and any knowledge of swimming (but I do know how to swim though). And no, I'm not running around with the intention of killing myself, I'm just saying those stuff in a comparison term.

Wah, I actually rant this time.

So dia balik minggu depan sebab aku nak menangis (dah menangis pun) bila dia kata Ogos baru boleh balik.
Gedik? Biarlah, dah dia boyfriend aku.

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