Saturday, November 13, 2010

Distant Days

I cry easily. I admit that.
Memories kept flying at me, haunting and distant.
Yes, I am scared of growing up. It's so full of 'What if's. Future is not for us to tell, nor for the people around us either.
Given the choice, not knowing or caring the long distance consequence, we recklessly screw almost everything up.
Yet it's pretty much the best time in our life.
Yes, you can regret it. But who you are today are the result of what you yourself did yesterday or the day before yesterday or the day before those days.

For the tears, for the joy, for happiness, for the love, for the sadness, for the first triumph, the first failure, for the first time we were hurt, the first rejection, the first breakup, the first of everything, it's okay, thank you, it made me who I am today.

There will be days when I'm not okay, where I'll get all pissy and stuff. But for now, I'm just fine. Thanks for the memories everyone.

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