Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Teenagers are rebellious.

Why? I have no clue. I'm still figuring out why. Not that I really bothered.
I'm a teenager. Why did I still do things even after I'm forbidden to do it? Because I think I'm right. Because I don't think people actually know what they do. Because people doesn't know how much some things actually meant to me. So why not do it my self?

I'm a teenager. I sulk, I cry, I laugh, I get angry, I had my lowest point of my life (in my teenager point of view), I like things to go my way, I try not to get upset if they don't because that is what people expected from a growing young adult, I give the silent treatment when I need to cool down, I try to be mature even when it hurts, I got confuse a lot and sometimes I understand more than people think.

The fact that I am quite oblivious to sarcasm even though I'm fluent of it annoys people more than ever. Especially when I prove them wrong.

So here I am, still a teenager but maybe with a hint of maturity. Bordering the young adult world, not at all that balanced, but hey, I am trying. Everyone is. And yes, I am still rebelling.

(Yeah, I do realize I am not right in everything, I am a teenager, not an idiot.)

p/s : Kau jangan nak menganjing boleh? Dah tua tak sedar diri, mati still masuk kubur sama juga macam kami.

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