Monday, January 17, 2011


You won't believe how I was dying to get my hand on his Smokecity's cd when I was in high school. I'd be listening to his tracks on myspace on loop back then (Myspace age dude, remember those days?).

His musics mostly reminds me of certain stuffs which have nothing to do with the song, really, but it does to me. For instance I'd be thinking about rains or rainy days, the cluttering of raindrops on the roof, coffee, quiet days, the smell of those old books that is made of those brown/yellowish papers, the smell of sandalwood, those moments when I am the happiest, and I am going to bore you with the list so I'll stop here.

The Wknd Sessions #6.1 Reza Salleh - 50 Down The Way (2008)

Anyway, I have been too consumed in things I'd rather kept to myself that I haven't wrote much here, so disregarding whether anyone actually read some long winding story that doesn't really make sense, Imma write some long entry for a change. If you're not gonna read this, watch the video. I mean it.

So yeah, life is not too bad. I finally went back to Sabah after 8 years since I last went back there. It was great and KK totally changed. As in someone's (whom I can't recall) word "Traffic jam dah sampai, tol yang belum lagi". Yeah. Seriously, buildings are going up everywhere. It was pretty amusing since, well, I see those old place that used to be kinda the swankiest place when I was a child and then I see this shiny new buildings and malls and I realized how much time has fly. And then there is a lot of clubs and pubs. I iz amuzed. And dude they have a busking group every night (I inquired the waiter ; he told me so) at Jesselton Point. So anyway when I'm back here in Semenanjung all of us are coming down with a flu or cough or something. I'm mostly not that sick (yet).

I finished reading 'To Kill A Mockingbird' for the second time, first was when I borrowed my teacher's book last year. Now I'm reading 'The Catcher In The Rye' and honestly I am torn between amusement and annoyance. I mean this dude is a bratty rich kid who after being kicked out of school, ran to New York before his parents got the news of him being kicked out of school, rent a cheap, seedy hotel room on his grandmas' money, couldn't make up his mind and think he's so great and being depressed and all and dude I think now I realize something ; HE'S A HIPSTER. Yeah.

I haven't finished the book since I am reading it verrrry slowly so I could let the content be digested so I could at least see some sense in this guys' thinking and action. I still can't, actually. Maybe I need to re-read it or toss it behind my bookshelf. But hey, it is amusing. Maybe I will actually end up liking it by the end.

Since I'm feeling my gastric is coming up, I'm going to stop writing and go eat something. Bye.


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