Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Update

Been pretty busy doing some little project of mine. Anyone knows where to get the stuffing for plushies? I seriously could use some help here.

Anyways I have some good news and unsure news.

Good news : My sewing is getting better. Mom would be so proud.

The not-so-sure-if-it’s-good news : People have been saying SPM results is going to be released next week (28th Feb). I personally am sick of hearing gossips about the dates but nevertheless is jittery as all of us are. Anyone could at least give me some news? Anything?

The only time I went out now is because I ran out of milk or cereal or mobile top-ups (I pretty much can’t live without those three things. FYI, I eat cereals day and night). Today, I only step out of the door to close the house's gate. How cool is that? Yep, not cool, I know.

footnote : What the hell is wrong with the Libyan government? Massacre? This is outrageous! Do you think the world is that dumb? And where the hell is the UN? Stop talking and start acting! DO SOMETHING!


Kehoe Cheong said...

What a cool blog you own! I just can't stop myself from scrolling down seriously!

Keep on writing,because I'll keep reading It's Life!

Nej Jalidar said...

Aww thanks Khalis!