Monday, August 29, 2011


Taking things slow was so not my specialty.
But yeah, I guess it's different this time around. I will try to be as patient as I can.


Life has been treating me well lately. Never perfect, never is, nor it will ever be. But lately I've been craving to eat and to shop. I have no idea why and tumblr-ing all day doesn't help when the people you follow reblogs awesome shoes/bags/clothes/ and foods, glorious, yummy-looking food. I mean, hello? I am fasting hereeee!!! (Why in the world do you guys reblog food so much anyway???) My iftar food intake have been increasing lately and I am looking forward to fit into my baju kurung thank you very much. And saying I'm gonna diet for the few days before raya is a completely and utter bullshit lie since I've just eaten a whole regular size cheese crust Domino's Pizza just now (but my mom took a slice though, kira diet tak tu?).

Oh and I'm spending my raya in the usual place this year; Home, Shah Alam, Kajang and KL (ummm I included KL cuz I'm planning to shop while all the city dwellers went back to their kampung, so KL will be like padang jarak padang tekukur liddat, hopefully, hihi)

Now, this video. . . Let's just say that I was bored and am easily amused. Plus the song is cute :3