Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chin Up!

My first varsity. Well, not really, I used to have one as a child but then my mom's bag got stolen and my jacket was in there so it was lost. (And yes, I do look sick in here. I am not exactly the healthiest person around nowadays.)

Anyways, I finished my mooting. Got the usual 'Get an injunction for the judge not to ask a question each time you go into court' comment. All in all just having the burden off me is such a relief. Now I need to focus on some tests, term paper, debate evaluation, speaking test, presentation and final exam. Now kids, tell me, do you still hate high school? I sure would love to trade my place with you guys right now. However, I'm keeping my heads up and count my blessing. Hey, life is what we chose it to be right? So why keep choosing to be sad and down all the time?

Oh yes, buat peminat OAG yang rasa tak tahan dah rindu tu. Guess what? They are coming back and those fans who stays near Shah Alam, here is your chance to watch them perform live. And of course, for the clothes-lovers (dan mungkin peminat Nurul CakapCakap? Harharhar - sila jangan potong gaji saya ye kak) this is a new clothing line by my beloved sister (ehem nanti kasi kerja gaji pun kasi naik aaaa). Makanya tak tak rugi jika anda luangkan masa ke launching event ini.

For more details, head on to these pages

Chin up people! There's more to life than just being sad and stressed out.


nurulSYAFIKA. said...

i think i saw u couple of times kat dc, kan kan? nej asasi law uitm ye?

Nej Jalidar said...

eh ha'ah. selalu beli burger dekat situ, eheh. yup, asasi law uitm, tinggal a few weeks je lagi ni