Monday, March 5, 2012


I don't get it with people. For hundreds of years, things changes and evolves. And still it is hard to accept changes. People grow, their ideas about life changes from time to time. How they look at life, changes. How they look like, changes. How they dresses, change. Deal with it. It's hard, but why criticize the change? Complaining that they like the 'old' you. If it's a bad change, sure, there are room for improvement and criticizing, but not all the time. Look at me. Some part of me changes, but it's still me. So I don't stay innocent. Look who's complaining. Are you as innocent as you were when you're five? We grow up, we ignite ideas, we formed new habits, we accept people into our life. So I don't fit your idea of a person, that doesn't make ma less of a person. Still a human after all. So what should we look for? I don't know. I'm not old enough to know that. What I've learnt is to accept people. They change after sometimes, that's just natural.
Tell me, why should I please the ignorants?


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Nej Jalidar said...

kann? such a fresh and wonderful song, different from the usual yuna but good. thank you dear :)