Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random : 77/366

Tribal/Aztec oversized top from Nurul Wonder Wardrobe, tie-dye shawl (yes, it ain't really a turban, or, hm, maybe half of a turban) from Butik eDast (online - bought some year ago)

I was bored, jealous, tired, fed up. Basically, I need a holiday. However I ain't getting that any time soon. Yes people, I'm gonna work after my paper is finished. You are welcome to take a guess of where I'm going to work.

So to comfort myself, here is a little wishlist (yeah, I wish a lot) :

  • Ole Henrikson Fresh Start Eye Creme : Cuz panda's eyes is only cute on panda
  • Tribal beaded clutch / Topshop snakeskin clutch / Really, any cool-looking clutch, I suddenly have a liking for clutch now. Don't question me =__=
  • A pair of jeans. Or maybe two. Hewhew.
  • A short holiday trip, with a spa session. Or just a spa session maybe. I earned it after a year here yo!

Now, back to reading notes. To those who have already finished with their finals, UNTUNGLAHHHH

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