Saturday, March 31, 2012


(sē-ĕs'tə) pronunciation
A rest or nap after the midday meal.

from Spanish
This word originated in Spain
At the sixth hour of the day, after the midday meal, speakers of Spanish have a sensible occupation: the siesta. For an hour or two or three, shops close and people close their eyes, awaiting the abating of the heat of the day. In the later afternoon and evening, life awakens with new vigor.

So this is it. I am DONE with my asasi year. Wow. A year went by so fast I hardly realized I'm gonna be 19 this year. I felt like I lost my 18th year of life. I don't even really remember what it feels to be 18. Oh well, that aside, I am glad I got THAT over with. All the sleepless night doing and learning stuffs that I don't even like. I won't lie and gush about my course. It is an interesting course (with a bunch of interesting people), but my heart is just not into it. I'm a passion-driven kind of person. Not very practical to survive in this current world, I know. Now I am having my glorious 5 months break while waiting for the results and the degree intake.

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