Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Going On

I had an interview for degree in journalism as the UiTM Shah Alam campus. I went alone. Felt really, well, weird. I wore my mom's old silk kurung because she can't come, so I want something that reminds me of her. I was nervous, I couldn't even finish my bread. I arrived, parked and walk up the freaking high stairs that my ex-roommate who is from the sport faculty used to complain about. As expected, everyone pretty much knows everybody. But then there are bunch of other people from other facs too, though they seems older than I am. I am pretty relieved to see some people from the TESL foundation around, at least I'm not the only youngsters there. The written exam was okay I guess, though I totally babbled a lot in my essay =___=. Oh and I met someone whom I recognized from the blogs! Though I still don't remember the name, and too nervous and shy to ask her name. The waiting for the interview after that was long and torturous. I was freaking nervous and kept yawning. But as the time stretch to 12pm and so on, I lose the nervousness. Plus some in my panels are from other facs too and one of them are pretty nice and talkative, though they are older than I am. Again, no names, I'm so stupid in this kind of stuffs. The interview itself wasn't so bad. I guess it's because I've been to interviews before (JPA and job interview). Now I am just waiting and praying that I will be accepted.

And yeah, that's the UiTM law faculty varsity jacket. Pretty cool looking eh? Though it would be weird to wear it since I'm no longer belong to the fac, don't you think so?

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