Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nurul Wonder Wardrobe : Raya Sale!

NWW held a Raya Sale and let me tell you who didn't go there last weekend this; 'Rugi oi tak datanggg!'. Seriously people, the peplum kurung was sold out even before the crowds died. Well, honestly the crowd just kept coming, it was about 6.15pm when finally they stop coming. And there are still people who came after sungkai! Bless them people. Other vendors included AnaAbu, Cufica (you should really check out their pop-art/khat stuffs), Lawa Lawa, and several others. There were also scarf/hijab tutorial by the sweet Kak Suri and FCC Makeup tutorial for raya (which was awesome, the models' face went from normal to super smooth skin!). I still am lazy to wear makeup though.

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