Saturday, December 22, 2012


After a month of sleeping with strangers (I barely talk to my roommates, told you I'm a quiet person) and using communal bathroom and toilet, I am finally homeeeeeee (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for a few days. So glad to be sleeping in my own bed and room even though the commuting & driving back and forth is pretty tiring.

It's study week and the last week of classes was EXHAUSTING YO. Whoever said that what I am taking now is easy, be my guest and survive a semester without having any emotional or mental breakdown. It's crazy busy. Lots of sweats and tears were shed along this semester. I should own up that even I thought it would be easy initially. And here I am writing about how hard and tiring the course is after just one semester. But it was fun, apart from discovering you got a sore-a** biased of a lecturer and some people that you'd rather not know but it's kinda too late cuz you already know 'em. Oh well, the usual stuffs anyway.

p/s: Only 4 paper for finals weeehooooo.

Cuz the video is funny and I think almost all you people deserves some music throwback. Remember when they reign supreme over the radio plays?

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