Friday, February 28, 2014

Whaddup, so apparently I've abandoned the blogging realm for so long I don't really remember how this usually go.
I'm fine, thank you, not so at nights, somehow feelings and emotions went awry and vulnerable at nights, but yeah other than that I'm great (I think). Like I've always said, it's a day to day thing/struggle/war/this is deep shits (pssshh boooooring - but true tho).

Life and interests has been a mash ups lately. I'm basically digging into Arctic Monkeys' AM album and Lorde's Pure Heroine and am in love with American Horror Story : Coven. In love is an understatement, obsessed is more like it. Not recommended for those who can't stomach extreme blood and gore. I almost threw up a chicken after making a mistake of eating my meal while watching the show.

Somehow into Beyonce's XO song vibe too which clashes with AHS but whatever, this is the Queen Bey y'all.
If anything, I'm learning to accepting myself again. There's the good days and bad days and I just try to roll with whatever that I like and trying to stop being awfully type-A perfectionist. My results were 'meh' to say the least. Not that bad but I still need to kick that feeling where I think I need to get DL to prove myself. It's just too stressful and it's the last thing I want to go back to now.
Also, I moved to another house. Well, we (me and my mother) moved actually. Also, I gained some weight! Yayyersz!
New semester is starting next week. Hopefully I'll do better this time now that most of the stuff is out of my system.

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