Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Story Time

I just feel like sharing something creepy so here ya go. Also trying to brush up my writing because I haven't write for ages apart from assignments and paperwork. This thing happened when I was still in high school.

When my grandma was admitted to a hospital (I'm not going to involve names here but people who knows me personally would know which one *wink*) after a she went into a coma, Umi and her siblings took turn looking after her at the hospital each night. I occasionally accompanies my mother there when I don't have school. The place was newly opened at the time so it wasn't so creepy to me at the time. Everything was still sparkly and clean and not as crowded as it is now. I remembered the wards are all on level 1 and above, ground floor is the entrance, pharmacy, cafe and such and the lower ground level is the morgue. So here's the thing, I didn't really went on looking for the morgue or trying to find out where's the morgue, I'm not that crazy. (Not after one incident where I accidentally walked into a Bilik Mandi Jenazah at one particular mosque when I was a kid. I cried after that.) Honestly, I didn't know where the morgue is until one night.

It was past 9PM, my uncle dropped me and our maid (at the time) at the lobby cuz he was in a hurry and told us to go upstairs by ourselves. I don't mind. We waited the lift by ourselves because there's really nobody at that time (keep in mind it's a new hospital so it's pretty empty at night). It felt like a long time till the lift indicator flash a sign of a lift from the LG floor going up. Obviously, we only pressed the 'UP' button since we're going upstairs. So I pressed the level where my grandma's ward is but instead of going up, the lift went down. My maid panicked and I was puzzled at the time. I was even thinking like, 'How can a new hospital have a faulty lift?'. When the lift opens up I stepped out a bit (my maid were whimpering and telling me to get back inside the lift) and read the signs that indicates the department on the floor. The place is dimly lit and kind of dark in some parts beyond the hallway so I read on the sign that it's where the morgue is and basically runs back in and starts jamming the 'close door' button.

The lift door was kind of stuck and didn't close immediately but I kept pressing the close button and well, it close, like a normal lift. Then the lift went up as usual. My maid looked like she was about to cry and we just looked at each other, wide-eyed.

Things went on pretty normally after that, nothing really scary or horror-movie-like happened. I never experienced anything in that hospital apart from that and would just like to think of it as a faulty machinery thing that happened at the wrong time for us. Still, it's pretty creepy to me, and it makes a good harmless story to tell when we have creepy story circle amongst my friend. Also, if you're wondering, at that time of my life, I didn't watch many horror stories because my mother is against of having horror movies in our house and I didn't really start going to the movie theater till I was a bit more older. I think at that point the only horror movie I ever saw is Dark Water (the Japanese version). And that movie is more on the sad side rather than horror.

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