Monday, January 25, 2016


How long has it been? I've forgot how to write a blog entry but hey here I am, still trying. Not even sure if this blog is still relevant anymore. I think most people have migrated to micro-blogging sites like twitter and tumblr and instagram. I know I have made the migration. But blogging is kind of nice ( I can rant for as long as I want and no one will tell me off, hah) so I'll stick around for now.

I have recently finished my degree. Not the proudest thing to say but yeah I didn't finish on time. Anyway, I am one semester late. It was pretty depressing initially especially with some personal issue that I do not feel comfortable to enclose right now - or ever, really, just maybe really really later on - (wow, imagine me being private), it made me borderline depressed and basically shuts down from everything related to my studies. It also doesn't help that I am lazy af at that point. Kids, don't do this, the problem won't solve itself until you want to solve it. Shit only gets harder when you ignore it.

Anyway, I am done with degree and at the threshold looking into a new phase in my life. I am still unsure of what to do next, whether to continue my study or find a job. Umi is pushing for a government position because of the benefits and while I don't hate an office 9 to 5 job, I am not sure if I want that this early in life. The editor at my practical place told me to go non-gov for the experience before jumping into government afterwards. But then I also feel like pursuing an IELTS and see what I can do from there. Teaching was an option in my head but I am not sure if I am tailored for the job, I was told that I'd probably eat my students for breakfast and I am too much of a hot headed person. And I know I am not the most patient person on earth. Yes I know I look nice but trust me, I know myself. And there's also the Masters option, but I am such a fresh grad right now the thought of another few years of thesis/research makes me want to start bawling like a baby and throw up simultaneously.

Adulting is hard kids. Stop trying to grow up so hard. When it hit you, it hit you mercilessly.

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