Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Back At It Again

Hey guys. Ha. I don't think anyone even read this here anymore anyway.
But anyway; Hello. Hi. How are you? Hope everything is good. Terribly sorry for abandoning this.
I am back at it again.

Experienced a bad disappointment today. Rejection, maybe?
Ah well, people tells me that's rezeki & that's true. But you can't help 'feeling' you know?
My luck is laughable to be honest.

Though if I actually sit down (currently laying down on the floor to be precise), it has been pretty good. I, uh, still am madly in love (oh the things I tell people who read my blog is not something I'd ever write anywhere else! Hah!), Umi is still pretty healthy & active for her age (I'm trying to convince her to start going for a morning or evening walk so she'll be more fit & can join her friends travelling - makcik makcik zaman sekarang rajin betul travel weh!), I'm officially unemployed but is still making money (the halal way don't you worry your precious mind about that).

Also, I turned 24. Shit. I didn't imagine this when I was 16 & writing some whiny entry here. But it's not bad. I'm doing okay, I guess.

I don't know whether I'm too positive or too husnuzon or just easily pleased.

Well, I'll be writing more here from now on cuz I need to flex my writing brain a bit more. Who knows if it'll be useful one of these days?


P/s: out of curiosity, if there's anyone still reads here, leave a comment on my last instagram photo or something. An emoji is cool, no need to say anything.

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