Friday, July 31, 2009


Definition of chillax : (chĭ-lăks'). 1. (v.) To chill and relax

My way of chillaxation :  Watching Jason Mraz's Music, Magic & Make Peace concert/gig (whichever way you want to put it.) Tonight, put all thoughts aside. Go online and chill and relax along with Jason Mraz. I so want to watch him live.

(As most of you had probably noticed, I'm kinda obsessed with Mr. Jason Mraz.)

Currently Mr. Mraz is serenading me with A Beautiful Mess (dream on Nej). God, how the hell did he keep his voice pitch-perfect even in live performance and even when he's having a fever? Ladies & gentlemen, in my opinion, this is what a performer should be. Till now, he's one of the few that earned my respect as a real performer. He's not one of those instant so-called performer that we Malaysians produced nowadays. Admit it, all of us had a hand in producing the instant so-called performer.

Whoa whoa. Light topics only. I can't think heavy stuffs right now. I wanna chillax.

Yay! 'If It Kills Me'! Cue for me to stop typing. Bye for now peeps. Love y'all.

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