Thursday, July 30, 2009



Un : A new phone. Mine's is in coma. Weaving in and out of consciousness. Currently using the old-school phone that hurts my hand when typing long messages.

Deux : An Olympus E-P1. The one that was in this entry of mine.

Trois : Straight A in next year's SPM. Which will led to having my own laptop.

Quatre : An external hard drive. My current pc is so bloated with pictures and downloaded songs that it's starting to lag.

Cinq : Control my spending habit. Stop salivating every time I see a SALE sign. (But if it's above 50%, that will be a whole different story.)

Six : Continue studying Literature in English no matter what.

The list will probably expand through time, but I only have six that I can think for now. These are only the short-termed list (2-3 years). For those who's wondering, I studied French for a short period of time when I was 13 or 14 years old. I dropped it because I didn't care enough to study the language. Yeah, I usually drop it when I'm impatient. Though my guitar interest was rekindled by friends and people around me.

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