Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Think Nej Think

The owner couldn't come but I've already skipped the school. Well, no harms done. We will still be moving. Anyway, we went to the new school to settle some stuffs. Oh yeah, I'll be going to SMK Puncak Alam starting this September. So we went there and my father just cruised into the open gate (without identifying himself - the guard was MIA from his place). I had to put on my best innocent I'm-a-grown-up face and asked some students where the administration office is.
There was just a slight problem with my electives. But it was settled there and then.

I have some problems but hopefully it'll be okay soon.

Miss Eva said something that made me think. I still am thinking about it. She said, 'When you write, you must have a purpose. Why are you writing? Is it to inform? To direct? To tell people about what?'. Of course she was saying that for an academic reason (essay writing stuffs), but nevertheless, it made me think.


Anyway, the guitar stand looks right at home with all my stuff (which is strewn all across the floor). My mother will totally freaks out if she sees my room right now. Maybe I'll tidy it up a bit later this evening. Maybe.


amalina said...

cop, where technically are you moving?

Nej Jalidar said...

technically i'm moving to meru, klang. area bukit kapar sana.