Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures of You, Pictures of Me

Pictures Of You - The Last Goodnight

Old song, I know. But it suddenly pops into my head.

The pictures are to be tear off the wall and pack neatly back into their respective albums and stay there. My new bedroom wall will be filled with new memories. But I can promise that I'll be opening back the old albums from time to time for the sake of memories and good old times, and I will smile. For I knew at the time, it was the best time for us. I may never say this, or even talk ever again, but I hope they know that they have been the part of what had made me who I am now. However harsh they may be, or I may be. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

Here's for all of us ;

wall of photo is mine 
polaroid stolen from :


ikanbilis said...

but i heart that wall! what do you use to paste on?

amie said...

i looove ur wall lah

Nej Jalidar said...

ikanbilis : Yeah, I heart the wall too. But since we're moving out, I think it'll be kinda creepy leaving the photos inside an unoccupied room.
I uses this thing called Tack-It from Faber Castell. It's removable.

amie : thanks! :)