Saturday, August 8, 2009


Not having the mood for new pictures. I was scavenging my some of my old photos when I found this. Rotated, cross-processed, faded and done.
I'm fasting today. Maybe that contribute to my 'no-mood' mood. I will usually find something to eat when I'm stressed. Anyway, I've been hunting for Olympus E-P1 price and found out that it'll cost me RM2600. (Eyes popped out). [What the . .? Even my camera is cheaper than that!]. Well, never mind, guess I'll have to settle for Canon G7 or G9. And those have to wait till I worked after my SPM next year too. Anyway, I still haven't got around going to bank to take out the money to buy the Blackbird since we're so busy with packing stuff. Maybe I'll just buy it at Mooks after Raya when I'm loaded with all the duit raya. Haha. So people, be generous when giving out the duit raya to your youngsters, they may need it badly like I do.LOL.

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