Sunday, August 9, 2009


Give me bed. And pillows and fluffy comforters and blanket. Oh and air-cond. But before that, an entry. Or I'll never get around posting an entry about today.

So, today. Lunches was on me at the mamak (Je. Tak mampu tempat mahal-mahal. Haha.)

Beaten by the boys at bowling. Note to self : Never ask them out for bowling and pay for it ever again. They'll just beat the crap out of me. But it was kinda fun though. Haha

Then we headed for the arcade. Khusu and me just shoot some hoops. Faez & Fahim went straightaway to the car race machine. And poor Elyas was harassed by a gay chinese guy. Hahaha. After that to Starbucks. All drinks were on Fahim. Thanks Fahim! :)




Fahim & Nej

Khusu & Faez

Oh yeah, don't ask why Faez poses like that for all of the pictures. I've no idea too.

Footnote : Just remembered, I need to iron my school clothes first. Pfftt. I just wanna sleeep!


takutake said...

engkau nampak tembaaam.

Nej Jalidar said...

shut up. at least aku tak anorexic, unlike that someone.