Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm prone to addicting. First there's the books. There was a period of time that I feel like buying the whole Borders or have a sleepover in the bookstore just so I can read the books till I faint. My mother had to practically drag me out or bought a book so that I'm satisfied. When I'm finished with the book, I'll want another one. Addicted. Though now it's not as bad, but I still feels like buying the whole place for myself. Most people don't really understand this addiction of mine. Most would think 'No way a 16 year old girl is head over heels for some scraps of papers', but I'm the living proof. Then the internet. I think most would understand me on this. So enough said. Next is bag. I'm obsessed in finding my next perfect bag. It could cost me my whole year allowance or just 1/10 of it. And I pretty much just love love love the huge ones. Then there's my newest addiction, the shoes. Lots and lots and lots of shoes. I totally dig the chunky heels. And the big straps strappy chunky heels. In a nutshells, just say chunky and I'm there. But I still didn't have the guts to walk out of the house wearing it. First reason : I'm not confident that I'll be properly balanced. Second reason : People always thought I'm a college students or something older than I am as it is, do I need to make it looks like I am older? I'll wait till next year. Or maybe just this end of year. Heee. My last addiction is music. It's like a drug. It's like a medicine. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me jumps around and dance eventhough I have two left legs. The music that I listen to represent my mood. If it's Paramore, I'm feeling rebellious. If it's All-American Rejects, I'm feeling like partying. if it's Yuna I'm feeling mellow, or maybe I don't. Sometimes I don't feel those particular feelings but I still listens to them. It doesn't really matters.

Oh oh do you wanna see my new room? Say yes! Say yes! :D

Smaller than my old one but I love love love it. Cuz it's easier to manage. My old room was so messy cuz it's quite big and I'm just too lazy to tidy up. Haha. Anyway, my final exam starts tomorrow and ends on 10th November. So I'm not sure if I'm allowed to go online. Hell since when exam stopped me from going online? LOL.


miss bugg said...

Omg I love your rooooooom!
Please give mine a makeover :(

Nej Jalidar said...

go to IKEA lah, then mix and match to your desire :)

Amir said...

katil sama lah ! :D