Monday, November 9, 2009


So I was back at Kajang last Saturday and I hung out with some of my friends. And thanks to my own forgetfulness I owe some apology to those whom I forgot to invite out. Man, Naz, etc. etc. You know who you are. And I'm sorry. But it's okay, I'm coming over this Friday since my school gave us an early leave. Yay!

p/s : McD jom? Tengah pokai ni tak mampu nak makan mahal-mahal.


Hawa & Khusu

Shazzu & Aisyah

El, Fahim & Faez

Faez is gay. Hahahaha ;D

Me & Shazzu

Shazzu & Faez, the unrelated siblings.


El & Faez


El & Fahim

Faez, again.
I like taking picture of Faez. I think he's really a photogenic guy :0

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emma songall said...

he is.
his face was really suitable for our becoming retro photoshoot session.