Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My fourth year at high school will be over in several more days. Next year is SPM. Yeah, let's forget that until next year arrives. (As if my mom will let me forget about that). My favourite black watch has finally gave up. So I need a new watch. And I somehow ends up finding out about this watch.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I want this baby!!! But my effing school came up with the most out-of-this-world stupid rule that watches are to be in school colours (which nobody actually knew what colour it is) & white. What the ****? Urgghhh!! Seriously! That is like sooooo effing ridiculous!

Anyway, I'm usually a flat kind of shoes person. I mean, I like heels, but oh the pain of those shoes. So I usually prefers something flat. But not boots. I'm okay with it but I just never really, like, likes it. But this, this may had just changed my mind.

Beautiful ain't it?
I can already see it being paired with a bleached skinny jeans when my hips magically shrinks (which won't be happening in a million years). Sigh.

Oh yeah. Does anybody knows when New Moon is gonna be released here? I'm not a fan of Twilight series (though I kinda like Breaking Dawn), but I just want to see Dakota in action since a long time of absence and to swoon over Mr. Lautner & Mr. Pattinson . I miss Robert Brits accent though. He's muchh more sexy when he talks in his Brits lingo. LOL.

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