Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Generally Pissed

Okay, it's that time again where I am pissed by anything and everything. Even you, Yes, you. I know it's bad but it just happen and I can't control it. I even get pissed at those people in my friends list who I don't even know and never ever commented with.

Example : (Looking at a community profile name) The hell? What kind of pathetic name for a community that is? Oh I know, it's one of those community where the guys are too hot to befriend common people and the girls are proud of the fact that their clothes are soo minimum in coverage cause they are too 'rich' to buy proper clothes. Oh and those who just HAVE to show off that DSLR that's probably not even theirs in the first place, and if it is, they only use Auto. How pathetic. Please, if you buy that camera just to show off, I suggest a Polaroid. (See, I'm trying to be NICE here by suggesting something better). Oh and those party pictures won't make you look any better in my book. By the way, honey, your legs look awful in shorts and short dress. (And no, it is not intended to anyone in particular, I just feel like bashing up).

So yeah, generally I'm just pissed and I just feel like bitching about anything and everything so unless you're ready to be targeted by my not-so-nice words, back off please.

Now, if only I can get my hands on those Fuji Instax 210, maybe it'll be my silver lining . . . .

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