Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going Up

You know if my mood was ever charted it will be like the stock board at BSKL. One minute it was on ground zero the next second it would shot up to the sky.

Oh yeah, I'm selling my lomo Supersampler and Santa Cruz guitar. Anyone interested do leave a comment. I'm on the first come first serve basis. A guy already asked for the Supersampler for RM150. I raised up the bar for RM160 including postage fees. Ah well, it's a little better I guess. Now, the guitar. Anyone interested?

I feel like camwhoring today. But it is a really hot day and mom haven't got around installing the aircond since the Doctor who was supposed to buy our old house haven't paid the money yet. Sheesh.


shazlida mohd shafee said...

nej ,
consider me fer ur lomo k .
hee ;D
i'll contact u after the green lite is gained !
ahaks ;D

- kak ida , kakak shaz .

Nej Jalidar said...

ah sorry lah kak, dah sold.
dia dah bank in duit.
beli yg baru je lah eh. lagipun supersampler leceh sikit, takde flash. kena hari cerah.
akak beli action sampler lah. :D