Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's In Your Mind

Is it just me or listening to Radiohead had only succeeded in making me more depressive? No offense to the fans, they are good, like reeaaally good, but they sound really depressive.

Okay, seriously very depressive. I think I should stop listening to them for a while.

I know! Let's hit that Paramore album! :D


FYI this is the worst school holiday ever and thank goodness this is my last end of year school holiday. Everyone (as everyone can expected at the end of year school holiday) is jetting off to somewhere that's definitely not their home. And most of my friends - who are the fortunate survivors of this year killer school exam a.k.a. SPM are either getting jobs or going somewhere or just having the time of their life sans SPM.

Now me? I haven't gone out even once ever since the holiday had started. I don't look forward of going to Rantai Art Event or Rock The World like everyone else is (parents issues, 'nuff said) and I don't really mind that much now that I've think about it. All I really look forward now is when I'll be going out with my mates on either this 23rd or 28th (depends on Khusu, she's the one who is having problems to go out). Now, I only need to grab a purse, maybe a school bag if the price are good and maybe a pair of shoes, or shirt, or bag? Hmm, you know maybe I'm asking for far too much on my budget . . .

p/s : Psst, I heard Hayley Williams and the rest of the gang is coming to our down under neighbour in March 2010. Anyone cares to sponsor my trip there (and the concert ticket) next year?

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asyraf (arif) said...

radiohead song tak depressed la!!