Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Done! / Oh-wait-no

My bed looks so much more inviting after the last paper.

Me : Oh bed, I miss you!
Bed : -
Me : I know! Sorry, here, let's hug!

And I'll fall asleep till mom would knock on my door telling me it's morning and I still have school to attend and the real exam to sit for next month.

Tsk. Touché.

p/s : OMG I'm so happy IDK why hihihihi (Okay have I pissed you off?)
p/p/s : Okay great, Ayah dah habiskan my coke sebab tak perasan dia balik tadi -.-
p/p/p/s : Okay Adrayyy whaddaya mean you have a new toy?! Why do you always get whatever of those really cool stuff? Gahhhhh!!

pengajaran : Jangan suka sangat, nanti merana.

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