Friday, October 15, 2010


A friend told me that no, I don't really understand how a guy's mind work.
He's right, I don't. But I'm pretty damn smart to know when someone is being stupid for their own good.

Ego? Everyone have them. Even me.
It's either mentality or just plain stupidity that doesn't make you rational and puts the ego stuff on the line.
I think it's just selfishness.
Because you want to feel good. Because it's you.
How about the people who actually care about you?

Sometimes it's so hard do define which is pride and which is ego.


A cop was trying to calm down a yelling drunk young woman.

Cop : Ma'am please act like an adult.
Woman : I am an adult! I turned 19 last August!
Cop : Being an adult and acting like one isn't the same thing.

That makes me wonder.

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