Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day Four : 10 Things You Want To Say To One Person

1 - You really should stop going out late at night you know.

2 - Drive carefully, when I screams at your driving, I'm serious. No, I'm seriously effing serious.

3 - Stop bullying me T______T

4 - Pull up your pants!

5 - Start sleeping at night and waking up in the morning instead of sleeping late at night and sleep almost all day. You're not an owl, you're a human.

6 - Why in the wide world do you detest sweet food?!

7 - I know I'm bad at cooking but hey, you're a good cook so you can teach me how to cook asam pedas instead of cooking it by myself. Hewhewhewhew.

8 - Initially people said that we are so different from each other, like heaven and earth they said, yet now I think we can work this one out.

9 - Can I iron your hair straight? Ehehehe, sorry but it's just too tempting to ask that! :D

10 - Oh sikit lagi lupa. KAU STILL HUTANG AKU!

Agak agak siapa lah ye? Hahahahahaha (gelak monotone)


BEJAHAHA ™ said...

Hahahaha serious tak tau he's a good cook, terbaikk :D

Nej Jalidar said...

Ahaha. Dia belajar kulinari kan, apa guna kalau tak dipraktikkan? Betul tak? Muehehehe