Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Three : 10 Things You Hate (or Don't Like)

People said that hate is a strong word, and I don't really hate too many things so Imma list the stuffs that I don't like.

1 - Waiting. I am an impatient person. When I get impatient, I get angry at the smallest thing.

2 - People who think they knows me better than my parents. Umm hello, I am a product of my parents marriage, they know me better. You only knew me for like, what? A year? And you already saying that you know 'people like me'? I stress 'people like me' cuz they are like me but they're not me. Learn to differentiate that, whore honey.

3 - I dislike vegetables. I think my kindergarten teacher can be one of the many reasons for that. We were forced to eat our vege and not in a good way. I guess they're not big on child psychology back then. Plus my friends taught me to chuck 'em under our lunch table. Hihihi.

4 - Slow internet line and fb yang makin menganjing. Sorry, I'm just really pissed with the IM right now. Grrr.

5 - Weird noises on the ceiling at nights. It creeps me out ever since my neighbour told me that she saw 'something' at our taman here. So now every time I hear the noises I turn on my radio or just cover myself from head to toe with my blanket.

6 - People who assume I'll lend them something of my possessions. Ever heard of politeness & asking first beforehand? No? Wow, your kindergarten must sucks.

7 - Jerks who think they're so hot and they're not cuz they only look good, dressing up wayyyy to 'cool', hangs around pavilion entrance and carries a DSLR. Real ones who is actually passionate about it are okay I guess. But well, you know what I mean. Plus they always give me that 'eyeing from head to toe' when I pass by them at the entrance. Creepy much?

8 - People who can't spell correctly. 'Ak da ly wat'? What in the freaking world is that? I ain't replying unless it's urgent or you learn to spell correctly first.

9 - The cold water in the morning. I don't have a water heater and my mom don't think we need it so having a shower in the morning is a hell of a wake up call.

10 - Having a chewing gum stuck to my shoes. I HATE this one. Seriously people, be hygienic please, it's disgusting. Dah namanya sampah, so sila buang dalam tong sampah.


Kehoe Cheong said...

We can be friends,very good friends!

Nej Jalidar said...

Well then, let's be friends!