Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Two : 10 Things You Love

1 - My parents. For the obvious reasons, and for being there when nobody else was there.

2 - I love rainy days and the smell of the rain and the smell of old books.

3 - Foods! Particularly cheesy stuffs, cakes, cupcakes, marshmallows and macaroons ; basically sweet stuffs.

4 - Sambal belacan. I know it's foods but sambal belacan has earned the right to have a number to itself. Hihi.

5 - Singing by myself. Yes, alone. (FYI bila dengan orang saya sangat self-conscious)

6 - My cat! That fat lazy furry thing that only meows when her food is finished in the bowl and she wants more.

7 - Musics! Who doesn't right?

8 - I love shopping for clothes, but I love book shopping better! Especially bookstore warehouse sale :DD

9 - My favourite pair of jeans. I just love it.

10 - Ummm, Cik Abang? Ehehehe.

The 30 Days challenge is postponed because I suddenly became a little busy nowadays. I'll start it when I have the time. Plus my camera is going mad, I think I need a new lens but I can't really afford it now T_____T

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