Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day Six : 10 Items You Can’t Live Without

1 - My parents. Not an item, but do I need to explain more? They are pretty much my everything.

2 - Twitter. Not an item either for real but it's something that I am addicted to. Sometimes I don't tweet much but I still read the tweets by others.

3 - My handphone. Actually, my blackberry. Why? Because I can BBM with cik abang endlessly without worrying my credit will die on me.

4 - Water. Our blood is 92% water, sooo, yeah. Another thing, I usually drink plain water.


6 - Milk. Either Goodday fresh milk or that Dutch Lady low fat milk. Bakal roommates sila take notes : jangan curi susu saya.

7 - My books. It's something that I grew up with that it became a part of my life.

8 - Computer/laptop. Sebenarnya boleh je tapi aku dah tak tahu nak tulis apa.

9 - Umm, I'm running out of ideas. Foods?

10 - Thank God it's number ten. Hmmm, bread? Wait that's food. Uhhh, my car? Eh no, transportation. Yup, transportation.

Fuhh, aku tak berapa nak attached dengan barang barang aku so payah sikit nak list kan benda ni.

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