Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Update #5

I've experienced both lucid dream & paralysis. One time it was so real I could see my body while I'm floating above my body in my room. Then in a flash I'm suddenly inside my body (Is this a right sentence? This made me feel like in a ghost story or something) and I couldn't breathe. It was creepily bizarre.

Currently lounging around doing nothing and this sounds so lazy but I am lazy so there is no point denying that. I've discovered that Cik Abang made a very good shopping partner. Also, Bruno Mars resembles the monkeys so much that it is a little bit disturbing (sila rujuk video The Lazy Song bagi yang tak faham). My neighbour had nightmares about Bruno being a monkey after we watched the video. Oh yeah, my car is a wreck thanks to an ungrateful motorcyclist who rammed my car with his bike and try to blame it on me AND try to rip us off, telling us a broken fork cost RM300. Hello? My car is missing a side mirror and two of the door are badly smashed by you and your stupid motorcycle and you try to rip us off for 300? I don't think so you son of a bi*ch.

Therefore I pretty much stayed at home nowadays because I can't really go anywhere because my car isn't fixed yet. Life is boring right now. Thank God for neighbors and their colourful school-teens-stuff-problem. Though I still can't figure out why do they refuse to eat because of a guy. Life goes on darling, you should enjoy it, not waste it over a crappy guy.

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