Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Tiger

No I am not talking about the tiger with the claws, it's this tiger.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Tiger! Congratulations! You're (finally) officially 20! You have one more year to be eligible to vote! (You're pretty old aren't you? LOL)
I know you are very hardworking, probably one of the most hardworking guy I've met, and I know how much you want to reach for your dream. Keep up the good work and may Allah bless you the privilege of making that dream comes true. And I miss you, I know I've been saying that a lot but I really really do.

p/s : Boooo, kita yang lagi excited dia punya birthday berbanding dia sendiri. Dia kemain mengantuk nak tidur. Haha, that's my guy, tired after a day at work. Nasib awak lah kena kerja lagi esok. Sleep well dear tiger :)

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