Sunday, December 11, 2011

Come & Rest Your Bones With Me

It's Sunday and we didn't went back to Kajang like we initially planned. Instead we went to Ikano. Got myself some macarons (yayyyyyyy!) a super cheap blazer from Padini and some books. I'm a sucker when it come to books :D

Life in college are tiring. I didn't get the same room with Numie or Shasha or Asza and got myself on the second floor and my room is at the end of the hallway which is really faaaaaaaar away when I need to go to class. Pfffttt. Currently short of cash after paying for all the fees and buying all the books. We had to do mooting this semester and our team got torts..... or was it contracts? Whatever. I have two term papers, forums, debates and individual speeches. It's gonna be a real hard work for me since I was such a slacker.

However, I did enjoy my Social Psychology class. Got an interesting topic for our Global Issues class, and a very nice lecturer too for that matter. We're going to the Palace of Justice this Thursday like school kids on a field trip. No kidding, we have to wear black & white baju kurung. And no, we are not allowed to wear suit either. Don't ask why. That's why I said it's a school field trip. *Muka kanak-kanak ceria riang ria*. Also, there's gonna be a dinner for us asasi students but that's going to be in February but hey, it's something to look forward to.

Now both of us wears spectacles. This is a not-so-recent conversation anyways. I wish he can come here but, well, yeah. Whatever. I guess I am disappointed but I don't want to nag or push him to much. I know and understand the situation but the heart wants what the heart wants, and sometimes it hurts :/

Because I know you're stalkering me and that you like Neon Trees

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