Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Trip To :

Drumrolls please! Guess where we went? The Palace of Justice! Atau dalam bahasa ibunda kita, Istana Kehakiman. Lawatan sambil belajar for us law asasians (I made that term up, we don't call ourselves like that). It was great and a whole lot of fun! Ikut hati nak je upload semua gambar yang berjumlah lebih kurang 300 tu tapi tak larat aku nak resize semua.

The tour consists of going into the Conference Room or Bilik Persidangan, the Perpustakaan, Muzium Kehakiman & *jengjengjeng* some of 15-20 us lucky people get to go into the court that is having a trial. I'm one of the lucky ones. Can you tell how excited and happy I am? :DD And we also visit the cafeteria, but that wasn't part of the tour, we were just hungry. Teehee.

The defendant's attorney was Datuk Salehuddin who is a ex Timbalan Pendakwa Raya and had given us a talk or two at the facs. You may remember him from the Altantuya case. Honestly, it was comforting to find a familiar face inside the court cuz it was quite intimidating for a first timer like me. We saw the convicts (OKT) shivers and one of em stares at us. At first I was the only girl that came in, the others are the boys and our lecturer so I pretty much hid behind the guys. The funny thing is, I got picked to get into the court because when we enter an empty courtroom, I joined the boys inside the kandang pesalah just for the giggles. When they told us to get out, I thought they were mad at us but then we were told that we are to go into an ongoing trial.

Anyways, the first trial (two OKT) got a pretty happy ending as they didn't get the death sentence as Datuk argued about the real amount of drugs is not the amount that was stated (it was a drug case for both trial). The second convict lost the case and still get the death sentence. It still doesn't feel surreal for me. But that's that. And the classmates had fun taking photos, well, actually not taking photos but having their photos being taken , really. But I don't mind because they are awesome like that :D