Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Wishlist

I've been craving for a lot of things due to all the stress of studying. It's also almost the end of the year so most of us are making some new year resolutions and planning on what to get for ourselves next year. So here are just some list of the stuff that I like and wish to have. *cough*take note afro*cough*

1. Random clutch at my fave online shop (still is a secret, don't bother to ask, I won't tell) 2. Jeffrey Campbell 'Foxy' : I had found this gem at Sunway Pyramid actually and still am kicking myself for not buying it. (photo from Google Images) 3/4/5. Urban Outfitters totes : Am still wondering why aren't their outlet is in our shore yet. I like 'em better than Uniqlo really (Urban Outfitters)

I'm clutch hunting and dress hunting since we have a dinner to be attended next year(macam lama je lagi aku sebut next year kan?). But I've already ordered the clutch with a maxi dress because I'm getting lazier to wear jeans as I always scrambled to find my belt (I have two belt for jeans but I pretty much only wore one of it). I'm stopping myself to buy unnecessary shoes and still am keeping up the good work but this JC shoe is just too awesome. The three photos of the totes is pretty much reflect what kind of bags that I prefer nowadays. I'm a student with a daily hectic schedule and lots of book to carry around all day, everyday. Half of my day is at the faculty. It's too much of a hassle to go back to my college so I need an easily-accessed, big and especially durable bag.

6. a-Jays four (Jays) 7. I_KL Moleskine notebook (Moleskine Asia) 8. Ravn Shopping Bag (Carolines Mode) 9. Ipod Classic (Apple)

Now, the earphone. My reason : just because. Harhar. I mean, who doesn't love a good earphone? Plus, I'm always with my music on my morning bus trip to the fac. From what I read, Jays exceed Beats by a lot. The tote is just so awesome that I had to include it even though it is close to impossible for me to get it. And the number two on my list; Moleskine notebook. I'm doubting if I_KL is still available so I'll probably settle on a squared (large) journal. I used to have a diary but it just doesn't work out much. I'm more on random thoughts so sometimes I writes a lot or doodle and at times I just wrote one or two word. My number one wish is to have ab Ipod classic, because touch is just so mainstream. Okay kidding, no. It's because I'm a hoarder, I don't like to delete my old music even if I rarely listen to them, so I need a big capacity storage for my music player. My blackberry memory card is almost at the limit due to the music I have in there as it doesn't only act as my smartphone, but also as my current music player.
So yeah, that's my current wishlist. How about you guys? Any wishlist or resolutions?


I almost forgot, I'm going to this event. Be jelly. Kbai *flip tudung*


masturah said...

nice whishlist!
if u looking for notebooks, i suggest u pergi Typo.serious notebooks/journals dia cun :)

Nej Jalidar said...

thank you for the suggestion! but I've been coveting the moleskine for years now so I'll stick with that first.
kalau ada duit lebih maybe ambil juga satu from typo kut (tamak ni) hehe.

untoldhistory said...

fliP tudung. HAHA SO COMEL LAH U NEJ:)