Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Tomorrow is a new year. In each end, there is a new start.
Things I've learned, things I've gained, things I lost
are memories, something that had occured
A past that is only to be looked back, not to be stayed in.

- I went back to my hometown in Sabah after years of not going back. - Passing my SPM with flying colours. - Got my driving license - Got accepted into the law foundation in UiTM. - Got accepted for a conditional offer scholarship program. - I'm finally 18 and legal. - Got my first own car - Broke up, twice. (Yes, laugh at me) - Been cheated on. - Finding my strength to get up and stand by myself. - All the good times with new-found friends. - Discovered that I actually like karaoke (thanks to the gang) - Learnt that what I want and what people expect of me can differs, by a big degree. - Actually stays in a residential college and not at home. - Met afro (and practically fell for him on the first time we met; thanks to him and his charming smile) - Stayed overnight off-campus. - Slept at mcdonald to wait for the campus gate to be opened. - Absolute craziness and insanity and happiness and sadness in a year.

Charlie Brown - Coldplay

Basically, I grew up this year I guess. It was a good year. Joy & tears, fun stuffs, sad stuffs, all rolled into a fantastic package called 2011. However, we need to move forward and make the most out of each day we get through. It was a great year, with the ups and downs and lessons learnt and it's time to turn the page now. 2011 was an awesome and fantastic year, let's hope 2012 will be the same if not better.

So here is an early wish from me : Happy New Year people!

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