Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random : 31/366

Images of The Virgin Suicides Photobook by Sofia Coppola from Lula Days

My fascination of the story starts when I became a reader of Tavi Tulle's blog (Style Rookie). I end up buying the novel and ended up being like the boys in that book, fascinated by the sisters. I still haven't got the chance of watching the movie (being a complete noob when it comes to downloading movies). And a movie by Sofia Coppola must be good. I mean look at the photo book! It looks so lovely for something that is so depressing. Anyone have this movie? Or at least tell me how & where to download it?

Yes I'm a little depressed and pissed and hurt but there's no class today so I'm pretty cool with it. I like to throw a pity party by myself so yeah *munches donuts*

p/s : No, I don't believe suicides should be done eventhough I was on the the government team who supports it for the debate on this topic. And let me tell you, I suck at debating. That may be the first and last time I'll be debating thank you very much.

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