Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random : 137/366

This kitty need no introduction I presume (Just in case, her name is Q, not because of Qi nor Que Haidar, it's an adaptation of a Korean name - my umi was a big fan of this one Korean drama when we got her). I've stalked her for a day and found out she have a pretty boring life (being fat, lazy and all) but she's pretty content with it. Her hobby is taking a nap, multiple times throughout the day. She's still cute but not very huggable. Like me, she's not the touchy-feely type, a.k.a. GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME UNLESS I KNOW YOU. She like to show off her cuteness to strangers though. When there's guest, she would suddenly appear and became oh-so-cuddly (until you try to put her in your lap anyway). She prefers my Umi rather than me because I'm usually busy with school when I was in high school and with classes when I got into uni, so she spend more time with Umi. I'm fine with that because she always come and try to be cute with me when it is especially hot (my room have air conditioning installed, and I'm more lenient to let her inside rather than Umi). Yeah, she can be a pretty clever cat sometimes, haha.


Anonymous said...

Q is QUTE!

Nej Jalidar said...

Q said MEOW! (I think it means thank you)