Monday, May 14, 2012

Hijab Styling Session @ Nurul Wonder Wardrobe

Free hijab styling session by NurulCakapCakap & Farah from CalaQisya last Sunday. For those who missed it, fret not! There will be other events in the future. For now, just get your pretty purse & wallets ready for Chic Pop.

I discovered that I suck at explaining things to people. And I tremble when I'm nervous. This is why I stick to taking photos.

Spent the day chasing my cat around (to her utmost annoyance) and disturbing her multiple nap time with my camera. And I think now she's mad at me. Every time I went to see her at the living room she kind of yell at me, in a cat sort of way, you know......
I just realized how crazy that sound when I read that again.


Syafiqah Hashim said...

spotted me :)))

Nej Jalidar said...

oh you were there? hope you enjoyed the session! :D