Monday, June 4, 2012

Azya' Bazaar

Foreword : Too many pictures, quite many words. Skip the reading if you think it's TL:DR

So my weekend had been quite productive, (in a sense). I was helping my sister at Azya' Bazaar at The Strands, Damansara.
We arrived late, courtesy of the mobile GPS, we somehow we ended up in Jalan Duta before turning back to Damansara. NEVER EVER TRUST THE GPS. It was pretty tiring, the weather was hot and we kept escaping into the cool cosy restaurant behind the booth for the air-cond and drinks and charge our phones. Well, not our, mostly my sister. It was fun though. On the first day (Saturday), there were a fashion show by Cala Qisya and other designers and the models were celebrities. Bienda (I hope I spelled the name right), Salima AF, Natasha Hudson, Diana Amir and others that I can't remember the names. I'm just bad with names and celebrities, it's a miracle I remember the name of Coldplay lead singer anyway. It's Chris Martin right? Or Marten? Oh well. And we found a new lovely frozen yogurt store, Yogen Fruz. The lemon tart flavour is really good, it reminded me of the solero ice cream.


Sunday was a bit better since we already know what to expect. E.g : The heat, the people. We missed Amy Search though, for arriving late (again). And the bag that contains the clothes kinda rips off and we had to carry the clothes by ourselves. But I found it to be more enjoyable than the first day. I gave up on wearing a nice looking tudung/hijab/whatever-you-call it-these-days nice. Who cares anyway? I'm there for the fun factor (and helping out my sister). I've to say, the vendors are wonderful people and the crowds have a good hold of fashion sense. They know that clothes requires effort to be made and they appreciate it. I like that, it's nice to see people like that. There was a talk around 4pm and the fashion show starts after that, around 6pm. By that time, my feet are killing me. I've a good mind to just walk around barefoot but thought better of it. Oh yeah, there's also THE Maya Karin. Enjoy the pictures.


Now, a round of applause to Nurul Wonder Wardrobe, Cala Qisya, Cala Man, Old Blossom Box, Ammara and everyone else who came, who sell, who bought, who participate in any ways and who is having a Monday blues today due to the tiredness.

I'm soooooo tired that I can only roll around other than eat and update my blog today. Oh wait, they told me I've to come to the store today.
Darn it.

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